Schools Out for Summer

Its been a while since our last blog, we’ve been busy.

The last 12 months have proved a difficult one as it has for many. The company has had to diversify its way of operating. We are now in a very good position in our partner schools and have schools earning more much needed funds than they were pre covid.

We’ve found the appetite within local community groups to get back to their activities has been amazing despite having to work with new guidelines and restrictions. Across our sites we’ve only seen a very small number of groups that have been unable to return.
We now look to the new academic year with optimism. We open two new sites in September and look forward to welcoming back all our clients both new and old.
As a company our focus has always been on our service to our schools and clients and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback across all our sites. Our vision is different to most and we will only partner with schools that we know we can deliver an unrivalled service. Our Senior Teams will always be a visible presence on-site and we will develop long lasting working relationships. We have had to politely decline a few schools which is always difficult however our service is what sets us apart and if we can’t deliver that service to all our schools then we won’t. Are we being narrow minded by turning down business, or are we right sticking to our guns and delivering the service that we promise?
Historically schools have wrongly became a numbers game and egos were being driven by the number, the need to be the biggest (not the best). Do Rolls Royce worry how many cars Ford sell? I doubt it.

From day one we have continued to operate within ourselves with standards being our driving force, as time goes on the more our reputation grows. We have never had to cancel lettings, if we do have staff issues (it happens) our business model means we can always get those sites open. We must always remember that the schools reputation is as much at risk as ours.
What a year it has been, one which we are enormously proud of. We will continue on our journey doing things differently and offering our schools the service they deserve.


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