As part of our service to all our partner schools, Community Lettings UK integrates a streamlined and comprehensive marketing package to promote our schools and brand.

School website and email

Each partner school will receive its own interactive lettings website and email address. The features include:

  • Online enquiries, bookings and payments 
  • “What’s On” guide to promote our client’s sessions, as our aim is to promote our  classes to ensure they are sustainable and people attend on a regular basis
  • School and Site Team access to provide a live interactive lettings calendar
  • Built-in search engine optimisation tool which enables the website to become      visible to the  local community quickly and easily
  • Promotion of facilities and activities with listing of prices and availability
  • Community blogs to outreach to the community about events and venue information
On-site Marketing 

It is important that Community Lettings UK is visible on-site. This is to ensure all our partner schools are operating with quality and consistency to our brand and to ensure every school reaches its full potential.

  • Signage (banners, A boards, directional signage)
  • Parents evenings, open evenings and school events
  • School Communications Services (school text service, newsletters)
  • Community lettings noticeboard
Social Media 

Social media is integral to our marketing strategy. We are highly proficient and active across all
social media platforms with our clubs and groups linked to our pages, allowing us to increase
our engagement with the community. Our interactions on social media are used to post important
news with regards to external lettings, share school news and post engaging content on a regular

Streamlined Marketing

Streamlined local marketing is also important to ensure we are reaching out to the community effectively.  Our employees are our brand ambassadors, allowing us to increase the social reach of our company by representing our brand in a positive light. This can include community roadshows, business networking, local leaflet drops in local town centres, shopping facilities and community venues.


Community Lettings UK is aware that any form of email marketing must be undertaken with due diligence in light of the changes to legislation in 2018 with GDPR and Data Protection Regulations. We will endeavour to tailor our email marketing campaigns to ensure we meet these regulations, whilst using this effective method to communicate with the local community

Letting Consultancy

We can offer considered advice and support from a team of highly experienced consultants with an exceptional track record of success. We develop a clear insight to provide community lettings effectively, undertake leading edge feasibility studies and facilitate successful operational management, often saving money for schools and always improving services.

  • Recruitment and training for new Lettings Managers, Supervisors and Site Staff
  • Current staffing reviews to advise on staffing levels to ensure lettings are profitable to the school whilst providing a high level of customer service
  • Pricing and mapping assessment to help analyse utilisation, competition prices within your area and profitability
  • Creating a marketing strategy that meets the needs of the local area